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8 May 08:30byBrick Insight

How is data integrity impacting trust?

The complexity of data as a “dual use” component – for good or bad. 

The Cambridge Analytica/ Facebook scandal has fueled the discussions on data integrity, data usage and how easily we can be influenced through technology and content. 

So what will these new discussions impact long term? 

Even though this discussion became wide spread because of the scandal, there are so many other ways we leave data traces today and many different companies know more and more about us and our behaviours. The data that is collected about us also helps us and is the base of services that we appreciate and use more and more. Anything to save time, simplify our lives but it also means making less and less decisions on our own. It means we are getting more and more immersed in technology, software and AI solutions. 

But will that change now? And do we trust data and companies using data less?

Listen to 5 speakers give their take on the issue to and hear them discuss the potential impact this will have on data rich industries and the trust in technological advancements. 

The seminar is free of charge and is produced in co-operation between AMEC and byBrick Insight as part of the AMEC Seminar Series.  #amecseminar

AMEC - the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication. 

Time & Location

Tuesday May 8 

08.30-10.45 at byBrick Insight, Sturegatan 54, Stockholm and livestream @byBrick

8.30 Breakfast is served

9.00 Welcome, seminars start!

10.45 End

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Ann-Sofie Krol
CEO, byBrick Insight

Is data integrity making us question technology?

Collecting data about peoples interests, behaviours and preferences have been done for a long time. 

Usually it has been done in an very open and transparent way, through surveys and open customer dialogue. Now it has become obvious that through our digital life and our curiosity with new fun apps the data we create can be collected under false pretences and and used for both good and bad, and the public is outraged. 

So how will this scandal and the discussion about it influence how we collect and use data in the future? Will people be more willing to answer surveys from known brands or interact to help develop new services and help brands be customer focused? 

Will we trust voice controlled services such as Siri or Alexa? Will we become better at keeping data secure? And will the data science driven industry take lead to show that correctly collected and used data is sustainable data?  

Ann-Sofie Krol

Ann-Sofie Krol is CEO of Brick Insight and is also on the Board of Directors at AMEC, International association for the measurement of the evaluation of communication. It is the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organisation, representing organisations and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research.

Annsi has a vast experience regardning strategic communication, measurement and analysis of communication and its effects. 

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Charles Wood
Expert on data protection laws and insights

How is data protection changing and how will this affect the way we use social data?

2018 is the year of change when it comes to data privacy & protection.

We will look into the upcoming changes in GDPR regulations and how recent events including the Cambridge Analytica scandal have impacted the way organisations must protect and use customer data.

We then take a look at how organisations such as Talkwalker have adapted to these changes and can continue to provide insights on social data.

Charles Wood

As Senior Accounts Manager for the UK and Nordic markets for global leading data intelligence firm Talkwalker, Charlie has frontline experience of dealing with world renowned companies and organisations who are looking to incorporate the power of social data listening as a cornerstone of their marketing mix.

As a speaker for Talkwalker, Charlie primarily focuses on changes to data protection laws and insights into how/why leading organisations are changing the way that they protect their users’ data.

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Brit Stakston
CEO at Stakston PR

Digitization, Democracy & Credibility

Who wins and who loses on the internetbacklash that is happening now?

What has the Cambridge Analytica scandal meant for users' views on Facebook and social media?

The media strategist, debater and author Brit Stakston gives us her view on our digital present and its impact on community development.

What creates trust and credibility? Or are these services so integrated in our lives that this type of event does not affect us. And what does openness vs protecting your data mean for a democracy? Does the technology strengthen or steal democracy? And what happens to the public conversation when everything is so emotional? Have we blown a damn and will the tone constantly be turned up? 

All this will be felt during the Swedish election - but how? We ask ourselves, how easy is it to affect people digitally?  And what perspectives do we forget when the discussion is heated.

Brit Stakston

Brit Stakston has written many books and intelligence reports on the topic. She is a member of the Board of "Sveriges Tidsskrifter", Swedish Wikimedia, and is a member of the Press Board. She is also Managing Director of the Blankspot news agency and her own agency Stakston PR.

Photo credit: Lena Dahlström

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Jesper Åström
Digital Tactics & Activation

Do we have the right to our own personal data?!

I'm of the opinion that we do not own our own identity online.

- Like music, pictures, movies and anything else that you can make a copy of, personal data should be free to use.

- That is how internet is designed.

If we truly want our data to be considered property, then we might want to move it onto a blockchain as soon as possible. 

Jesper Åström

Jesper Åström is an internationally renowned digital tactics consultant with over 35 000 hours experience covering over 500 campaign launches, 15 global brand strategies and consulting in 5 seed to first round start ups. The area digital tactics covers how to implement strategies and thinking in areas ranging from advertising, growth & engagement to data science and analytics. 

In 2017 he published, The System, a book about network growth (you know the viral stuff).

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Robert Svensson
Founder Lennox PR

How social media is making society obese

What similarities are there between hydrolysate corn syrup and news feed algorithms? And how much self-control is it fair to ask of users?

We take a closer look at the social psychology that governs our online behavior and on how this might rip the fabric that binds our society together apart. 

Robert Svensson

Robert has worked in communications since his late teens. He has founded two consultancies before, Lennox PR is his latest. Lennox PR operates in the intersection between brand building, public affairs and social psychology.

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